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Timothy Sledge

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An eager and determined Fitness professional with one thing on his mind, RESULTS. TJ's passion for fitness started ten years ago when he saw how much fitness impacted the soldiers he led through combat. “Fitness was our go-to for everything”. Since his military career, TJ has became a master Fitness training instructor, adaptive fitness trainer, certified nutrition coach, master resilient instructor and certified TRX instructor with a BS in sports and health sciences. 



  • Bachelors in Sports & Health Sciences

  • Master fitness instructor

  • Certified personal trainer

  • TRX force certified

*Suspension training body-weight exercise

*Strength, balance, flexibility, and core

  • Adaptive fitness instructor

*Certified Physical Disability Trainer

  • Master resilience trainer

*Certified in mind + mental focuses on the 5 dimensions of strength.

*Emotional, Social, Spiritual, Family, & Physical

  • Level 3 Combative

*Ground Fighting


  • Sports Nutrition

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