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About us

TightenUp BodySculpting is a veteran-owned personal training gym for fitness enthusiast of all genres. Our motto is “Therapy Through Strength” simply because we believe that fitness and health is just as much a mental asset as it is physical. Our focus is getting you fit and more physically capable with equipment and obstacles designed to take your mind away from anything else and focus on achieving your goal.

Our exclusive personal training gym is home to highly-qualified and experienced trainers who will take you through your workout using proper form and technique. We offer a unique environment where everyone feels like family and the support you have to reach your fitness goals is unmatched. No matter where you're at in your fitness journey, TightenUp BodySculpting is here to help you reach your goals!


The first session is always FREE!  And YES, you can!


This gym is an independent training gym. To become a trainer at our facility, please e-mail us at letswork@tightenupbodysculpt.com

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"When I started working out I had the utmost confidence in them helping me reach my goals. They always push me above and beyond my limits.  I've realized that you can do anything as long as you put your mind to it. Work hard and stay dedicated!"

-Starrbria T.


"TJ is a very knowledgeable and professional trainer. He will help you not only set, but reach and exceed your fitness and nutrition goals. If you're looking for motivation and results, TJ will deliver!"

-Joanna R.


"Started my program with TJ barely able to bend my left arm with a year of recovery ahead of me. Within 3 months I overcame progress that wasnt expected for 6 months and have made great strides in my fitness goals in a quick period of time. Progress!"

-Lorrie R.


"My sister and I came to TJ looking for a good program each of us could follow and achieve our individual goals. Together we have both seen tons of progress (27 lbs.) and have enjoyed each step of our personal nutrition plans."

-Lauren K.

-Lydia S.


2908 Harriet Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN 55408

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